Maple Cider

naturally fermented maple cider
naturally fermented maple cider, 1 month


I know, I know, natural fermentation is a dicey proposition, and unpredictable at best. But this recipe is very simple, with Amazing results.

The flavors are rich and complex, moving from residual maple sweetness to the sour tang of the apples. Appearance-wise, it’s a nice sort of rusty color, darker than normal cider on account of the maple. I’m amazed that this is something I made, as I think it could easily give a commercial cider a run for its money.

The fermentation process for this cider took longer than for the basic Wildling Cider, but then, the yeasts had different and more sugars to break down. I’m going to try this again, but with honey. 🙂

Maple Cider Recipe

Makes 1 gallon       Initial Fermentation: 3-4 months        Aging: 1 month minimum

ABV: 7%


  • 1 gallon apple cider (unpasteurized is best)
  • 2 cups maple syrup (I used Grade B)

Pour out two cups of the apple cider to make room for the syrup. Combine the cider and maple syrup in a carboy, cap with an airlock, and allow to ferment naturally. It can help to gently warm the mixture so that the syrup combines with the cider, but I didn’t really have a problem with it, and periodically shook or swirled the jug to mix.

When the airlock stops bubbling, and the hydrometer reading stops declining, rack into bottles and let age at least 1 month. You could probably prime it for some fizz, but for this round, I went with still.


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  1. Peter Farrell says:

    Hello Chelsea,

    I am intrigued and very curious about your recipe.Actually Id love to taste it!
    I have 4 x 23 liter carboys finishing primary fermentation.

    One of these was a mix of 20 liters of unpasturised apple juice, 2 cans of maple sirop and a half cup of molases and used wyeast cider yeast. I used a mix of local apples from an abandoned orchard mostly mc intosh, lobo and another unknown variety I plan on racking it shortly and aging some of it, blending some more of it with the other batches and eventually bottling & drinking it. 😉

    Iast year I made a 23 liter batch of cider with 4kg of honey. Again using wyeast cider yeast, it fermented for 48 days straight…It was quite good and it had a lot of kick. I think it is known as cyser, finally I decided to distill the batch and it made a really great calvados. from what we can remember!

    I really want to try natural fermentation this autumn. We are planning on leasing the old orchard, restoring it and planting a new orchard beside it. The hardest part so far is choosing what to plant…

    Best wishes and bravo!


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