Although we usually opt for a flagon of mead, we have no wish to neglect the many fine beers that can be found and paired with this delicious food.

We welcome your suggestions for brews that really typify Westerosi styles, and would also love to start discussions on home brewing. May your tankards never run dry!

In the Books:

  • Sweet Ale tasting of Fruit (I suspect a lambic)
  • Beer with lemon
  • Pepper beer
  • Dark, strong beer
  • Autumn Ale
  • Dark Stout
  • Bittersweet Black Ale
Readers’ Suggested Brews:
  • Leinenkugel’s – Creamy Dark, Seasonal 1888, Original, Oktoberfest, Fireside Nut Brown (WI)
  • Woodforde’s – Werry (UK)
  • Timothy Taylor’s – Landlord (UK)
  • Bateman’s – XXXB (UK)

Beers, Ales, Lagers, and more that We Love:

  • 13th Century Grut Bier – Old-school hops-less brew; slight citrus, with some rosemary and ginger tones.
  • PiwoGrodziskie – a mild wheat beer, smoky sour, aged and lovely
  • Dansk Braggot – NOMSCH. This is part beer, part mead, and all wonderful. Clearly the drink of Vikings!

Home Brewing Beer Recipes:

coming soon…

Also check out the section on baking with your Spent Grains!

Recipes in Progress or Planned at the Inn:

  • Gruit Ale, from Greywater Watch
  • Last Hearth Heather Ale
  • Autumn Ale, from Winterfell
  • Eisbock, from the Wall

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