“One night in the Quill and Tankard’s common room, after his second tankard of fearsomely strong cider, Pate had boasted that he would not always be a novice.” -A Feast for Crows 

Cider is a popular favorite here at the Inn. Bursting with the tasty goodness of fermented apples, it is often the drink of choice on any given night. Paired with some boar or ribs or fish, it’s lovely. Cider also comes in a wild variety of flavor combinations, so odds are good that there’s a version for everyone.

 In the Books:

  • sweet cider
  • strong cider
  • hot cider

Readers’ Suggested Ciders:

  • Magners (IRE)
  • Keppler’s (IRE)
  • Strongbow (UK)
  • Farnum Hill (NH)
  • Julian Hard Cider (CA)
  • Cattle Dog (OH)
  • Old Rosie’s Cloudy Scrumpy (UK)
  • Koppaberg (SWE)

Ciders We Love:

  • Woodchuck– all of them!
  • Angry Orchard– especially the crisp and the ginger
  • Scrumpy’s– All varieties, but their seasonal specials are delicious
  • Sarasola– A Basque cider, very barnyardy in flavors, with hints of hay and mild sweet sileage, in a good way. Rustic and quirky, this is what we imagine they would drink on the Wall.
  • Luk Rose– clearly the cider of Highgarden, this is a delicate, pink cider that is a little too easy to drink.

Homebrew Cider Recipes:

Recipes in Progress at the Inn:

  • Fearsomely Strong Cider, from the Quill and Tankard
  • Fossoway Cider, from both red and green apples 😉
  • Winterfell Cider, possibly an ice-cider

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