“Sweet reds,” he called in fluent Dothraki. I have sweet reds from Lys and Volantis and the Arbor. Whites from Lys, Tyroshi pear brandy, firewine, pepperwine, the pale green nectars of Myr. Smokeberry browns and Andalish sours, I have them, I have them… A tasted for the khaleesi? I have a sweet red from Dorne, my lady, it sings of plums and cherries and rich dark oak. A cask, a cup, a swallow? One taste, and you will name your child after me.” -A Game of Thrones

Wine, like treachery, is everywhere in Westeros. The Arbor is best known for its production of a variety of wines, but Dornish wines are also in high demand.

In the Books:

  • Pale amber wine
  • A golden vintage of wine from the Arbor, rich and fruity
  • Sweet and fruity red Dornish summerwines
  • Sour red wine
  • Dry red wine from the Arbor
  • Heavy strongwine, apparently favored in Dorne
  • Claret
  • White wine from Lys
  • Pepperwine
  • Pale green nectars of Myr
  • Smokeberry browns
  • Andalish sours
  • Pale amber wine
  • A golden vintage of wine from the Arbor, rich and fruity
  • Sweet orange-scented wine
  • Sweetwine, which the orphans of the Greenblood drink
  • Blackberry Wine
  • Apple Wine
  • pale ales and Myrish fire wines to help with digestion
  • Tart persimmon wine
  • Plum Wine

Treatment of Wine- Spiced, Iced, and Sweetened

  • honey sweetened wine
  • hot mulled wine with spices
  • iced wine, for hot weather

Readers’ Suggested Wines:

  • coming soon, with your help!

Wines We’ve Loved:

  • Villa Alena Moscato– from Trader Joe’s, a very sweet white dessert wine, perfect with treacle tarts and sherbet

Homebrew Wine Recipes:

Recipes in Progress or Planned at the Inn:

  • Hippocras
  • Blood Orange Wine, from Dorne

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